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~Welcome to Your Yoga Moment~

The purpose of Your Yoga Moment is delivering personally tailored classes to you.

Whether you're seeking classes for yourself, your group, or your workplace, you can be confident all sessions are designed to meet your unique goals & needs. I offer a range of classes that support better balance for mind & body well-being, with a signature style of slow & mindful yoga - suited to anyone needing to relax, restore & reboot! I also offer a trauma-informed approach for people in times of significant stress. Your Yoga Moment can be experienced as either a casual class booking, tailored workshop, or in a series. The aim is to bring your yoga moment to you, creating convenience & personal support  where, how & when it benefits you best! 


~What I Offer~


Workplace Wellness Programs: 

I offer tailored sessions to suit your workplace culture, environment & employee profile.

Participation in Workplace Yoga not only benefits individual health & productivity, it helps to foster team building, support & cohesion.

Investment in Corporate & Workplace Yoga classes continue to rise across a variety of sectors as businesses realise the wide range of benefits to employees. Yoga & Mindfulness are both shown to reduce workplace stress, fatigue & risk of injury - as workers improve postural awareness, support & learn effective stress reduction techniques.


Your workplace sessions can be delivered in an office space, with the use of desks & chairs offering accessible, realistic options for stretching & movement. Suitable alternatives could be a lunch room, meeting room, courtyard or even a private carpark. The choice of space is yours (or if you prefer I can arrange venue hire options). Contact Michelle directly to discuss your business needs. I can also arrange a complimentary on-site visit at your convenience to help you assess the best approach for your business. 



 Mental Well being Programs:

I specialise in yoga classes & workshops for supporting mental health & well-being. These include specifically designed courses & workshops that  focus on supporting people recovering from Trauma, Anxiety & Depression. One of these courses is a six-week program called 'Trauma Aware Yoga'. This includes modified yoga & meditation classes for people with Complex Trauma (CPTSD), PTSD

& heightened stress states including Anxiety & Depression.  Using a Trauma-Sensitive approach we practice gentle, accessible movement, breathwork, meditation & relaxation skills. The aim is to offer additional tools that may be useful in supporting trauma recovery & building emotional resilience. Participants also receive an informative handbook to support their ongoing practice. 

*This program is also available in a live-stream (online) format, to assist remote region participants or those unable to attend in-person classes. Please contact Michelle or register your interest:



 *Trauma Aware Yoga is also available to book privately for groups/individuals.

Please contact Michelle on 0405 643 692 or email your query:


Workshops & Retreat Events:

If you're looking for that bit of extra depth, I also deliver a series of workshops including:


'Befriending Your Brain : Yoga & Mental Well-being'

offering short workshops & retreats in

Yoga & Depression, Yoga & Anxiety, plus Yoga & Everyday Balance

'Befriending Your Body : Yoga & Womens Well-being',

offering short workshops & retreats in

Yoga & Menopause, Yoga & the Menstrual Cycle, Yoga & Hormonal Balance.

 'Befriending Your Self : Yoga & Everyday Living',

offering short workshops & retreats in

Yoga, Self Esteem & Acceptance.

All classes, Courses, Workshops & Retreats are available as either public /private sessions.

Public sessions are available with Michelle via several locations across the coast throughout the year. (contact Michelle for timetable inquiries, or for private individual /group bookings).

What type of class should I choose?

This will totally depend on your interests & goals, your level of ability & any current health issues

you may be experiencing. The general advice for yoga is that you do not push too soon, push into pain,

or attempt anything beyond what you feel physically & mentally ready for – which is why experienced instruction from a qualified teacher is always best.

As a beginner, a good idea might be to start with shorter practices that focus on giving you clear instruction in all the posture categories: standing, balance, sitting, inverted, backbends, forward bends & twists. Each class might ideally include some mindful breath practice & stillness practice (guided relaxation/meditation).


You may already have specific, clear goals for what you would like yoga to assist with (e.g. strength, flexibility, sports recovery, trauma support, stress & relaxation). If not, this is something Michelle can discuss with you. Whether for strength, support, resilience or recovery – Your Yoga Moment has options for everyone.

Keep in mind yoga teachers are not there to diagnose or ‘cure’ health issues or to replace any type of professional health assistance. It’s always advised to discuss your decision to start yoga with your health practitioner. Also discuss any health issues you think may possibly affect your practice with your yoga teacher, so they can make informed decisions about how you approach your practice.


Any issues or questions you may wish to discuss with Michelle regarding your practice are kept in confidence.

Meditation Class
Clifftop Yoga


"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"

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