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A bit about Michelle…

Where I've Been...

I first experienced Yoga in 2005. I'd never been a very physical or fit person & certainly didn't have a close relationship with touching my toes! ;-) For a good part of my life I'd been overweight, highly strung & completely unaware of my own needs. Like many people I had no idea how to relax or even slow down & my brain only had a high-speed setting. Finding yoga was like hitting a pause button, or taking a deep breath after holding it too long.


Like many people I initially tried yoga once or twice a week for the physical aspect of stretching & strengthening my body. However as I gradually experienced the improvements in my breathing, sleep, relaxation & other health issues, I became keen to delve into yoga a bit more deeply. As I settled into a more regular practice, I also began looking into the philosophy behind this ancient tradition. I  found this offered me insights to finding a more balanced approach for life, work, health & general well being.  In particular the practice of Yoga started helping me to understand myself & my needs so much better than before. (And also gradually find my toes... ;-)


So I've been teaching traditional Hatha yoga on the Gold Coast since 2008. I love what I do because of the awesome, inspiring people I meet everyday in my classes - who all have their own wisdom & challenges too. They are my best teachers in so many ways & keep me committed to continuing my personal yoga studies - as well as committing to further professional development each year so I can bring my best to class. I have taught in a variety of health, business, community & private settings & I truly believe yoga has something to offer everybody at every stage in their life. I know it will always be part of mine - even when I can't roll out that mat anymore. 


So What Do I Offer?

I offer a different approach from many of the faster & flowing styles of yoga commonly found today - where strength & flexibility are often a big focus & challenge. Instead, I invite you to take a slower, mindful approach - as a way to find focus, resilience (in mind & body) & as an antidote to our fast-paced life today. I don't care if you can't do a handstand or 108 Sun Salutes - I don't think either will make you a better yogi or a better person. But I am interested in helping you find what's most useful to YOUR needs & YOUR body type - what will help you thrive & feel at ease in your body. 


It's an approach which appreciates that we always change, we grow, we transition - so the same cookie-cutter approach won't work for everybody. The beauty of Yoga, is that as your needs change in life, your yoga practice can always meet your needs. So whatever your needs, we can find a practice to suit. 

I also offer a trauma-informed series of classes known as Trauma Aware Yoga. Currently run as a course, this is aimed at supporting people affected by complex trauma & stress who would like to support their current recovery approach with some practical tools of movement, breathwork & guided meditation/relaxation.


What's In A Class?

It's never about creating 'the perfect pose', but finding what works perfectly for you! My aim is to help you learn how to move, breathe, relax & practice in a way that sinks in, makes sense & builds a great foundation for body & mind. I love finding creative solutions to support different body types or physical issues, so I often explore the use of yoga props to assist & support (great for when those toes stubbornly stay out of reach!). This is especially helpful for beginners, athletic recovery or anyone needing to support their physical needs while developing their practice. 

Depending on your goals & particular needs, we might explore a range of functional exercises, somatic movement & traditional yoga asanas (poses) - all to create a body & mind that connects, rests & moves with greater ease. All classes are planned for variety, with a standard format of:

  • Mindful awareness practices & different meditation techniques 

  • Traditional physical postures (Yoga Asana), movement & exercises that gently build strength, balance & enhance mobility

  • Conscious breath awareness & traditional breathing practices (Yoga Pranayama)

  • Guided deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) to support emotional balance & resilience

My Teaching Bucket List!

  • Introducing the benefits of yoga to adults of all ages! I love exploring ways to offer yoga that make it accessible for all – regardless of physical fitness, age or perceived ability. 

  • I continue to joyfully teach yoga to older students – both mat based & chair based classes – to promote healthy ageing by assisting balance, joint strength & aid mobility.

  • Sharing ways Yoga can support mental health & emotional well-being, with a particular interest in supporting people experiencing the effects of stress &/trauma. 

  • Assisting Women to find their best self within the constant transitioning of monthly hormones & menopause

  • I'll keep you posted... ;-)




Live Your Yoga".


     Michelle Faraday                                                 

    Your Yoga Moment

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