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Trauma Aware Yoga

"In the many times life has knocked me down,

yoga has helped me get up & move forward again. 


Learning to sense the body, the breath, the present moment –

creates an anchor within the chaos. 

The practice reminds me of WHO I am, WHERE I am, WHEN I am –

and how to not stay trapped in the noise of my mind".

                                                      Michelle Faraday, Your Yoga Moment

Trauma Aware Yoga

I have been running 'Trauma-Informed' yoga classes since 2017 for individuals, public groups & in-clinic therapists. Having lived with PTSD, complex trauma (CPTSD), anxiety & depression, I understand many of the challenges to recovering mental & emotional wellbeing. My passion is supporting others on their journey to wellness, through the timeless practices of yoga & meditation. 


I have combined personal experience & training with my signature approach of slow, mindful yoga, to create this Trauma Aware Yoga Course. It offers practical knowledge, resources & techniques that may assist you with emotional regulation - as well as building resiliency to manage difficult times. I hope these offerings will bring you more ease within, as they have done for me.

In Support & Wellness,  Michelle


*This course can be run privately (in your home), or a private in-clinic group. Group classes are also offered publicly on the Gold Coast & Livestreamed Online. (See upcoming dates below).


So what is Trauma Aware Yoga?


  • A modified approach to yoga that supports people recovering from complex trauma & chronic stress.

  • A variety of breathing, movement & meditation practices suitable for anyone (no yoga experience is needed). All classes include guided breath work & relaxation techniques.

  • Practices may be still or involve more movement to gently build strength, raise energy & explore range of movement.


"This is your time, to support yourself. Go at your own pace, take time out if you need.

Feel supported to find the way that suits you best. Participation will always be by your choice".

How is this different from 'normal Yoga'? 

  • There are no expectations of how you should look & no advanced forms are offered. This is a practice to focus on how you feel - not how you perform a pose. Some classes will be short practices with specific aims to explore, while others will be longer practices. All classes involve some practical theory about how we can apply our practices to support our needs.

  • Privacy & personal space is always respected, with no physical touching, counselling or discussion about why you are there.

  • Classes are aimed to be as accessible* as possible. You can practice on a yoga mat, or with a chair if the floor is too uncomfortable. Everything about your participation is always your choice & you can take a break anytime if needed.

      *Some venues may be less accessible than others. If you have specific needs around mobility - so please chat to Michelle       

       so she can suggest the best venue / option for access.

  • These classes involve low impact physical movements, which are considered quite gentle. However its important to discuss with Michelle what you can / cannot safely do. *Remember yoga teachers are not here to diagnose or treat, so always consult with your medical doctor / health professional before commencing.


  • Six classes run over a course of six weeks (classes run approximately 60-75mins)

  • Available in small groups, private classes or Livestreamed Online.

  • Courses are offered throughout the year for both mixed & non-mixed gender as specified (**If you are unsure about your class options in relation to gender, please contact Michelle to discuss your individual needs).

What Can You Expect ?​​

  • Learning ways to identify & support our needs using movement, breathing & meditation techniques.

  • Building your own unique toolkit of practices to support symptoms of anxiety, depression & chronic stress.

  • Options for stretching & movement to gently build strength, support mobility & ease tension.

  • Options for guided body & muscle relaxation processes to assist focus & calm

  • ALL PARTICIPANTS: Receive a small booklet of what we cover in class to support you going forward 

  • ONLINE COURSE PARTICIPANTS: Also receive private access to the weekly class recordings (of Michelle teaching)

What To Bring:

  • Wear modest, comfortable clothing to move & stretch in. Yoga is generally done in bare feet (however this is optional)

  • Yoga mats are available or you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. *Let Michelle know if you might also need a chair.

  • Some bottled water.

  • Recommended: 1 or 2 large towels can be useful for extra support. Warm clothes or a warm blanket for added comfort.

NEXT IN-PERSON COURSE:     **NEW DATES FOR 2024 TO BE POSTED ** (Email Michelle to Register your Interest)

  • Your Investment: $175.00 (Standard fee)  or  $155(Concession fee)

  • 75 minute classes over 6 weeks

  • Course also includes course notes.

NEXT ONLINE COURSE:    **NEW DATES FOR 2024 TO BE POSTED **  (Email Michelle to Register your Interest)


  • Your Investment: $160.00 (Standard fee)  or  $130 (Concession fee)

  • Practice from the comfort & privacy of your personal space (Live-online via Zoom)

  • Course also includes course notes.

  • Please chat with Michelle about payment plan options if you are in financial difficulty


   *Online Classes are usually mixed-gender: please contact Michelle if  you prefer a same-gender class.

PRIVATE BOOKINGS (GROUPS / INDIVIDUALS) :  All private classes are available by Appointment for either Online / In-person.

PRIVATE (IN-PERSON) $450 (Standard fee)  or $385 (Concession)


  • In-person classes are held in your home space & includes travel fee up to 40km (within the Gold Coast area)

  • Please enquire for additional travel fees above 40km


*PRIVATE (ONLINE)    $375 (Standard fee)  or $355 (Concession)

  • Online classes also include access to the weekly class recordings (of Michelle teaching)

  • Includes course notes.


All Booking inquiries please email / phone Michelle.

Payment options include:

  • Direct Bank Transfer

  • Credit Card Online / Paypal Online (additional 1% surcharge applies)

  • Trybooking (additional 50cent booking fee applies)

  • Cash

  • Please chat with Michelle about a payment plan if you are in financial difficulty

Trauma Aware Courses: Service
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